When I was younger and we went to visit my grandparents, there was always one place you could find me hanging out.  My granny had a full shelf of photo albums, one for each of the grandkids.  She would put new photos in them every once in a while and write a little note about when and where the photo was taken.  I have spent many hours of my life pouring over those albums (and still do when I go to see my grandparents).  Each photo brought back a memory and usually laughter.  Through the years I watched as our family grew and changed; and when I was in college, granny gave me my album full of memories.  Today, it is still one of my most prized possessions.





I am married to Craig who is a youth minister with a big heart for students.  He is so talented and constantly amazes me with the home improvement projects he tackles.


My family is the reason I love celebrating the connections between people and capturing the fleeting moments.  I am so lucky to have their constant love and encouragement.  (Although we are terrible are taking pictures all together)!

"aunt kt"

I have so much fun loving on these sweet little babes.  Being "Aunt KT" is the best title in the world!

baker at heart

I try to eat healthy...but my love for baking often gets in the way.  I love trying new recipes and making things simple and small.  

the beach

The beach is my absolute happy place (and if I am there with camera in hand, it's even better).