THANK YOU so much for your interest in school/daycare portraits with Katie Woody Photography! Spending time with each of your kids is one of my favorite parts of the year and I love offering parents a timeless photo that captures their child’s personality and sweet little grin. I hope this page will answer your questions about the experience and if you need any more information, feel free to click the contact button at the top or email me:

What does school/daycare photography look like with Katie Woody?

I love to keep my pictures very child-focused by using a simple backdrop and trying to capture the child’s personality in their photo. I spend a few minutes with each kid, giving them a chance to relax and and have fun while doing whatever I can to make them laugh. The photography time moves pretty quickly and won’t take up too much of your day (depending on how many students there are) but I always make sure to slow down when a child needs a little extra time to warm up. I offer a very professional service with a personal touch.

What will shoot day look like?

Shoot days start first thing in the morning before the kids get too messy or too tired. I will arrive early to set up (before or while the kids arrive). Then we will get started! My helper for that day will bring a class (or a few students at a time) to the photography area and one by one they will get their photo taken. I will talk to them by name, ask them questions, and tell them where they need to sit. After they are finished we will start with the next class. At the end, I will take down my equipment and make sure I have all the order forms before leaving.

Does it cost the school/daycare anything? What are your prices?

There is no cost to the school, purchasing photos is an option (but not required) by the parents. To see last year’s pricing, you can download the order form HERE.

What age range do you photograph?

Babies all the way through to your oldest kids! The babies just need to be able to prop their head while on their belly, sit up, or be held by the parent or teacher.

Do you bring your own gear? And what about a helper?

Yes I will definitely bring my own gear and all equipment needed to photograph the students. Typically the director of the school/daycare or a teacher or parent will be my helper for the day since they are well acquainted with the kids and their names.

Do you take photos of all the kids or just the ones that bring back order forms?

I photograph all the children because it often happens that a parent forgets to send back the order form on the correct day.

How will you handle ordering and processing?

I will give you order forms ahead of time to send home to parents a week before picture day. Then the parents will bring those forms and payment back to the school for the teacher to collect. After finishing picture day, I immediately start processing those orders and hand deliver them to you within 2 weeks to hand out to parents.

What time of year do these photos take place?

I will work with your schedule to choose the best time. Most of the places that I work with choose to do photos in the fall, typically in late September or October.

Will you (Katie) be in charge of all parental communications?

Absolutely. If a parent has a question, just let them know my contact information is on the order form.

What will you need from us (the school/daycare)?

I will need you to send order forms home with kids and collect them as they are sent back. I will need a roster of the students (digital or paper form is great). I also need a space to set up, usually an unused classroom or open space. And if you have someone that is able to be my helper on picture day that knows the students by name, that would be great! If not, I can bring a helper as well.

Do you offer group photos?

Yes I do! Those are typically taken in the classroom or against a blank wall and can be purchased for a small charge. All teachers will receive a free 5x7 print of their class.

Can you do staff headshots while here?

Absolutely! Just let me know ahead of time so I can plan for that.